Artists in the Frame: Self-Portraits by Van Dyck and Others

May 21, 2015  -  August 31, 2015

Free Admission

Sir Anthony Van Dyck’s last Self-Portrait is one of the most remarkable self-portraits ever painted in Britain.

Refined and elegant with an exuberant gilded frame it is a powerful statement of artistic identity and status – here is the celebrated court painter of Charles I who changed portraiture in Britain and transformed social perceptions of the artist from artisan to creative genius. This show highlighted artists’ self-portraits on display at the Manchester Art Gallery.

Artists in the Frame explores identity and self-expression. See self-portraits by artists including Van Dyck, William Hogarth, Angelica Kauffman, Wyndham Lewis, Sarah Lucas, Julian Opie and Grayson Perry. Why have these artists put themselves ‘in the frame’? Are dress, pose, setting, props and framing significant to their self-presentation? Do symbols and other visual clues point to who they really are?