Get Together and Get Things Done

May 17, 2019  -  September 29, 2019

Free Admission

Ford Maddox Brown, Work, 1852-1865

Get Together and Get Things Done is part of a city-wide programme in 2019 to commemorate the bicentenary of the Peterloo Massacre.

On 16 August 1819, in a period of wide-scale protest and unrest, the area around what is now St Peter’s Square, Manchester was the site of a violent assault on 60,000+ peaceful pro-democracy and anti-poverty protesters; now known as the Peterloo Massacre. Historians acknowledge that Peterloo was hugely influential: ordinary people eventually won the right to vote, the Chartist Movement grew into Trade Unions and the Manchester Guardian newspaper was established.

Inspired by these events, we will explore with people the wider theme of the crowd through international historic and contemporary art and group activity, looking at how an art gallery can be shaped by the crowds that use them.

Exhibiting artists

Atelier Populaire (The People’s Workshop) | Wilhelmina Barns-Graham | Walter Bayes | Black Audio Film Collective (John Akomfrah, Reece Auguiste, Edward George, Lina Gopaul, Avril Johnson, David Lawson, Trevor Mathis) | Sonia Boyce | Christina Broom | Edward Burra | Sheba Chhachhi | George Cruikshank | Isaac Cruikshank | Charles Cundall | Thomas Cantrell Dugdale | Georg Eisler | Sylvia Gosse | Francisco Goya Y Lucientes | William Powell Frith | Rokni Haerizadeh | Louis Haghe | Keeley Halswelle | Ellie Harrison | Benjamin Robert Haydon | William Hogarth | William Holman Hunt | Thomas Howell Jones | Jerzy Janiszewski | William Edward Kilburn | Käthe Kollwitz | Kunstruct | Wyndham Lewis | Raymond Mason | J Lewis Marks | Lachlan McLachlan / Frederic James Shields / Arthur Hughes | Laurence Stephen Lowry | Members of the International Brigades | Tentative Collective | Tony Minnion | Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson | Craig Oldham–The Office Of Craig Oldham | Joseph Parry | Raissa Page | Glyn Warren Philpot | Lucien Pissarro | Jean-Louis Prieur | Oliver Ressler | Faith Ringgold | Selim Rothwell | Larissa Sansour | Frederick Sargent/H L Saunders | Vladimir Ossipovitch Sherwood | Henry Singleton | John Slack | Humphrey Spender | Boris Taslitzky | Feliks Topolski | Jakub Valentik | Andy Warhol | Harold Sandys Williamson | Llewellyn Xavier | Carey Young | Johan Zoffany

We are partnered with Manchester Histories and hosted lots of events linked to the bicentenary of the Peterloo Massacre, with lots of activity from June – August 2019.
Visit for full programme details.

This exhibition was made possible as a result of the Government Indemnity Scheme. Manchester Art Gallery would like to thank HM Government for providing Government Indemnity and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and Arts Council England for arranging the indemnity.