Let’s Talk About Chemsex

Last year’s successful launch at Manchester Pride saw Harold Offeh‘s Let’s Talk about Chemsex project enter its second phase. Participants are invited to explore queer experiences of Chemsex, intimacy, desire, and consent in a safe environment. No prior knowledge is necessary, and attendees can join any or all of the three-part series.

Led by Harold, Niall Connolly, and Jak Skot, participants will create audio recordings, music, and artwork reflecting diverse perspectives on Chemsex. The goal is to embrace a wide range of voices without judgment or stigma. Works will be featured in a special limited edition mix tape and showcased at Manchester Art Gallery during Recoverist Month (September 2024) and Manchester Pride.

The workshop will include discussions on music led by Niall and Harold, followed by group activities focusing on music, design, and writing.

The facilitators include Harold Offeh, known for his diverse artistic practice; Niall Connolly, a seasoned music producer and DJ; and Jak Skot, a versatile artist and writer.

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Additionally, individuals can contribute anonymously to the project through the Let’s Talk About Chemsex Voicemail Care-line, sharing thoughts on Chemsex, consent, HIV, and queer intimacy.


Let’s Talk about Chemsex, a year-long project, draws inspiration from the Salt N Pepa track “Let’s Talk About Sex” (1991) to foster discussions on consent and desire. It aims to support non-judgmental conversations about Chemsex, HIV, and queer intimacy in Manchester, commissioned by Portraits of Recovery and supported by Manchester Art Gallery and Brighter Sound.