MAG Art Club

Why make art? 

We value the making of art for how it can: make us feel, bring people together, offer up ways to explore ideas and solve problems, and bring joy and richness to our lives.  When we hosted the Grayson’s Art Club exhibition in 2021 we saw all this happening woven through the exhibition and accompanying TV series

Grayson Perry, 2020

What is MAG Art Club? 

MAG Art Club is an online space to continue all this.  It’s a place where all the art and creativity that happens in our gallery, across the city and beyond can be documented, shared and reflected on.  It’s also a space where we’ll keep sharing some of the tips and hints that we learn along the way for getting you started or contributing to your art-making journey.

Screenshot MAG Art Club

How to get involved 

If you (or your group) have made some art or would like to share your art-making story just upload a photo or video to your Instagram account with #magartclub included in the text box.  Include as much information as you like about your art, e.g. what it’s about, how you made it, why you made it and how it made you feel. 

To see the #magartclub feed and leave your thoughtful comments or questions on what other people have shared just search for the hashtag #magartclub under Tags in the search in Instagram.  

You can also find MAG Art Club films on IGTV and YouTube.

Be Inspired