William Salter Mycock, 1872 - 1950


William Salter Mycock 1872 - 1950


Public: Cylindrical vase, white earthenware, decorated with four plants bearing flowers and fruit, in silver and copper lustre over an orange glaze. Private: Slightly ovoid cylindrical vase tapering to foot, with rounded shoulder curving in to short tapered neck. Decorated with a bright orange lustrous glaze, paler yellow round foot. Painted round body in silver lustre with four leafy plants on gently curving stems rising from foot to shoulder. Each plant has four long slender leaves in copper lustre with silver outlines, scrolling tendrils terminating in small copper lustre tulip-type flowers, and two large bud-shaped fruits in silver lustre, one at waist and one at shoulder. Wide copper lustre borders to foot and neck, foot border painted with diagonally arranged silver leaves, neck border with silver scrolls. Silver neck rim, white interior.

Object Name


Creators Name

William Salter Mycock

Date Created

1906=1911 (date of throwing)

accession number


Place of creation

Clifton Junction



Presented by Mr Edward A Eason


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