sewing case & housewife & hatpin tidy

sewing case & housewife & hatpin tidy


Square panel covered with green striped cotton. Contains - Top left : reel of white cotton on white cotton tape strap. Top right : reel of black cotton on black cotton tape strap. Top centre : pincushion with steel and glass headed pins. Bottom left : flap of green striped cotton, feather stitched border, concealing two white flannel needle holders. Bottom right : diagonal green cotton straps with compartments for two ribbon threaders (one narrow, one broad), bone handled button hook, imitation ivroy thimble, and six hat pins. The hat pins are : 1) facetted black glass top, 2) facetted amethyst glass top, 3) flat blue lapis lazuli glass top, 4) short pin with white ceramic ball top with Japanese peony design in gold, blues, pinks and greens, 5 & 6) Two long pins with white ceramic ball tops with Art Nouveau design of flag irises and butterflies in gold and colours. Monogrammed 'EB'.

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sewing case & housewife & hatpin tidy

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Size: 20cm x 20cm

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