The Window

William Bernard Adeney, 1878 - 1966

The Window

William Bernard Adeney 1878 - 1966


A still life depicting a classical Greek ornamental sculpture of an armless woman in bronze, a double-handled terracotta vase and a book lying open at its mid-way point. The composition is strategically arranged on a window ledge where the objects are bathed in a strong light from the window, illuminating each object in turn. The curtain fabric features a floral design with pastel shades of yellow, pink and turquoise. The window frame is light tan in colour. Through the window the viewer can see a garden, comprising of both natural and man-made objects (a tree, a garden wall, a fence). The still life is clearly arranged in a domestic context. The paint application and style shows signs of impressionism.

Object Name

The Window

Creators Name

William Bernard Adeney

Date Created

1923 (exhib)


unframed: 73.4cm x 54.2cm
framed: 83cm x 64.5cm

accession number


Place of creation





oil paint


Gift of Mr Charles Lambert Rutherston, 1925

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