The Red Kimono

Charles Conder, 1868 - 1909

The Red Kimono

Charles Conder 1868 - 1909


This painting is of a young, oriental-looking woman in red, flower-patterned kimono with flowers in her hair. She is seated on the ground in a shady outdoor setting, with a melancholy expression. The grass upon which she is sitting is painted in broad brushstrokes of greens.

Display Label

The Red Kimono probably 1901-03 Charles Conder 1868-1909 Oil on panel Charles Conder specialised in decorative pictures that reminded his clientèle of 18th-century art. This painting is like a sketch for an Edwardian oriental fête galante – in French literally an ‘elegant festival’, a decorous outdoor figure scene. Madame Saddayakko, a Japanese actress who was in Paris in 1900-01, caused a popular sensation with her dancing at the Paris Expo of 1900. We have no evidence that she knew Conder, but she is a likely inspiration for the figure in this picture. Bequest of CP Scott 1932.11

Object Name

The Red Kimono

Creators Name

Charles Conder


unframed: 27.4cm x 37.4cm
framed: 35.6cm x 45.7cm

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oil paint


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