Manchester from Belle Vue

George Danson, 1799 - 1881

Manchester from Belle Vue

George Danson 1799 - 1881


View of industrial Manchester seen from Belle Vue. There are smoking chimneys visible in the distance marking the industrial centre of the city. Carriages and horse-drawn carts crowded with people are travelling along a wide road both towards and away from Belle Vue. There is a green area in the middle ground of the picture separating the road from the city, containing a few trees. The sky is extensive and is fairly white and clouded towards possibly representing pollution. Above this section the sky is a strong blue colour.

Display Label

Manchester. What's your view? Is the horizon line the only constant in this small town turned second city? Artists have responded to Manchester painting the city's rapidly changing views; from rural beginnings, to industrialisation and expansion, through decline and then regeneration. Prospects, people, buildings, spaces all change, a continuing process. Vibrant, chaotic, modern, historic ... See this city.

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Manchester from Belle Vue

Creators Name

George Danson

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Panel: 15cm x 33.8cm
Frame: 25cm x 44.6cm

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oil paint


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