Elaine Hind


Elaine Hind


Ceramic sculpture depicting lawn with grass and flowers in perspex and wood case, unglazed, brown stoneware. Square flat base slightly raised from wooden plinth on ceramic rests, grass and flowers modelled in realistic style from flat and rolled pieces of clay. Grass, daisies, buttercups, dandylion leaves and other vegetation depicted, slightly larger than life-sized. Mounted on square wooden plinth with labels (see inscription), clear perspex lid screwed onto wooden base. Some tips of modelling appear to have broken off, half a leaf lying loose on plinth.

Display Label

Room 3: It’s Good to Talk Curated by the Making Conversation group Making Conversation is a group of people from all walks of life who take part in monthly workshops with artists and gallery staff. Workshops use talking and making around art objects to share and discuss contemporary ideas, concerns or issues. They are open to everyone and are planned with blind and partially sighted people in mind. We wanted to find out whether we could promote this level of conversation in a gallery space every day and we’ve selected sculptures to experiment with how a gallery can best be used to make conversation possible. We’ve also thought about the physical nature of the space itself and how much interpretation we should include. Our choice of sculptures was inspired by conversations about nostalgia, loss, history, politics and religion. We were interested in highly crafted objects and the relationships between sculptures too. Making Conversation workshops include audio description of artworks to support blind and visually impaired people to visualise the artwork. We have found that sighted people also value this closer observation of the work. Audio description by Anne Hornsby. Making Conversation takes place on the last Tuesday of every month, 1-4pm. Each workshop includes an exhibition visit, discussion and art making activities led by artists. All adults are welcome and there is no need to book.

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Elaine Hind

Date Created

c 1974


Object: 16cm x 28cm

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[G12] Manchester Art Gallery - Gallery 12 - TEMPORARILY CLOSED
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