Reguarding Guardian 2

Dhruva Mistry, 1957

Reguarding Guardian 2

Dhruva Mistry 1957


A seated, blue, horned guardian with one gold wing and one hoof resting on a skull.

Display Label

Regarding Guardian 2 1985 Dhruva Mistry CBE 1957- Plaster painted with acrylic paint Dhruva Mistry grew up in Gujarat, one of the most cosmopolitan regions of India, surrounded by religious art in a wide range of traditions and materials. This is the second of a series of four mythic figures representing the elements of fire, air, water and in this case, earth. The skull under the guardian’s hoof symbolises the end of earthly life, and the small gold winged symbol on its shoulder represents the spirit continuing after death. Purchased 1987.259

Object Name

Reguarding Guardian 2

Creators Name

Dhruva Mistry

Date Created



sculpture: 135cm x 105cm

accession number


Place of creation

United Kingdom


plaster (painted)
acrylic paint

On Display

[G17] Manchester Art Gallery - Gallery 17
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Purchased from Nigel Greenwood Gallery


© By permission Dhruva Mistry

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