Patrons & Donors

Bridget Riley, Zephyr, 1976

Manchester Art Gallery is a civic institution that belongs to and works for its people, to help make a city worth living in. This was the original idea that inspired the thinkers and doers of Manchester back in the 1800s, offering their subscriptions to get the gallery on Mosley Street built, and subsequently maintained as the centre of human activity through generations of patrons.

We are hugely grateful for their support and for the patrons who continue this work today, enabling the incredible work of the team who bring the art to life in programmes of education, health and social cohesion that are there for the widest benefit of all.

Our Bicentenary

Embarking on the next two hundred years, we are seeking new generations of patrons to bring our mission to full fruition – fellow travellers who see art not just as individual expression, but communal contribution to a life well lived.


Patrons, Programme and Collection Funders

Christian Anderton

Jo & Tom Bloxham

Laura Carstensen

Gill Crook

James & Katie Eden

Mark Garner

Peter Gwyn

Mark and Toni Hawthorn

Thom Hetherington & Sophie Helm

Chris Klingenberg

Jack and Janice Livingstone

Alison Loveday

Mary Mallick

Sarah Maskell

Robert Moss

James Mycock

Valeria Napoleone

John Nicoll

Geoffrey Nicholson

Lucy Noone Blake & David Blake

Howard Ratcliffe & Melissa Ratcliffe

Jeremy & Jane Roberts

The Roselands Trust

Jim Spencer

Andy Spinoza

Helen Taylor-O’Brien

Martyn & Val Torevell

Ross Warburton

John Williams

Zabludocicz Collection

Andrew & Savitha Calthorpe