Manchester Art Gallery are on the lookout for creatives with an interest in using creativity to support wellbeing.  

Manchester Art Gallery and Manchester Population Health have teamed up to share expertise and develop a new model of activity that uses creativity and compassion to support the long-term wellbeing of Manchester’s children. Over the past academic year, we have developed Art of Resilience, a programme of 1.30-hour workshops delivered over 6-weeks for small groups of KS2 pupils where creatives share their practice and process to help build resilience and wellbeing.  

We are looking for creative practitioners  

  • Across all arts disciplines
  • With experience of/interest in using creativity to support well being  
  •  With experience of devising and delivering workshops with KS2 pupils  
  •  Open to sharing and developing new ideas and be informed by evaluation process  
  • Open to sharing their art process and practice within the workshops? 

Creative practitioners will: 

  • Attend trauma informed training  
  • Devise a 6-session workshop  
  • Deliver pilot of this workshop   
  • Deliver workshop with 2 additional school groups  
  • Support and respond to evaluation  


  • Nov 21            Trauma informed training   
  • Nov/Dec 21    Workshop development  
  • Jan/Feb 22      Workshops pilot   
  • March-May     Additional workshops delivered  

There is a fee of £3200 for this initial stage 

Background Information 

Over 66,000 children in Manchester are affected by adversity, that is more than one child in every class, in every school. Exposure to intense, frequent, or sustained stress can change children’s brains and bodies, leading to the development of poor physical, mental and behavioural health throughout life. It doesn’t have to remain this way, building resilience in children can help.  

 Principles of the programme 

Through working with artists and their creative process we want children to:

  • understand what resilience is, and how creativity can help them develop it 
  • expand their visual literacy and find their own means of expression 
  • gain a sense of control and feel empowered to follow their own ideas without the pressure of time and expectation and find a state of flow 
  • learn the value of process and not having fixed outcomes by having opportunities to make connections and explore ideas 
  • work through creative processes and in so doing understand that failure is a part of the process of learning and develop perseverance that comes from trying things  
  • build trust and confidence within a small group, with time for supportive conversation and reflection 
  • feel like the gallery is a place for them and that they can be artists

To apply please send your CV and a covering letter explaining your suitability for the role to [email protected] by Monday 11th October noon, shortlisted candidates will be contacted on Thurs 14th October and interviews will take place on Wednesday 20th Oct.

Art of Resilience Job Description PDF