E H Mooney’s Still Life

Welcome to this mindful Looking Practice with the Painting Still Life by Edward Hartley Mooney.

Starting by noticing the arrangement of the objects within the frame. A small box, a reel of thread, an open pair of scissors, and arranged in a circle, a vase of flowers, a jug, a cup, and saucer, a sugar bowl, and two paintings. Which of these objects stand out to you? Which do you feel drawn to? What do you notice about the space that surrounds these objects? The white tablecloth of the foreground, the sand coloured wall behind.

Taking a moment now to notice how your body is, the posture, position, and shape of the body, and taking one gentle calming breath as you return your attention to the painting. Shifting your attention now to the areas of light and shade. Noticing the quality of light in this scene. The shadows cast on the tablecloth and wall. What can you notice about the shapes and edges of the shadows?

Looking now for the darkest tones in this image and the brightest highlights. Notice any questions you might have about this scene. What sort of flowers are they? Where is the teapot? What’s going to happen next? Becoming aware of whatever thoughts are passing through the mind as you look, letting them come and go.

And now taking another calming breath as you broaden your awareness to notice your surroundings as we bring this practice to a close.