Looking at the way we look

Take part in our new research project looking at the way we look

15 November: 12 – 4pm
17-19 November: 10.30am -4pm
22 November: 10.30am – 4pm
23 November: 12 – 4pm
24 – 26 November: 10.30am – 4pm

Join us for a series of exclusive guided viewing experiences of our mindful space, Room to Breathe, while wearing state-of-the-art eye tracking glasses. We’ve been developing work around art and deeper engagement for nearly a decade, and now we want to take this exploration one step further.

In conjunction with the ongoing research projects conducted in our wellbeing space, Room to Breathe, the gallery is teaming up with psychologists from Goldsmiths, University of London and KU Leuven (Belgium) to offer museum visitors a never-before-seen viewing experience.

This research asks the question – What do we look at when we’re looking at art?

The 30-minute experience will give visitors the opportunity to understand how they visually explore a painting. During this event, each visitor will be fitted with a pair of eye-tracking glasses that will record in real-time where they are looking and what they are looking at. At the end of the session, everyone will report on their experience through several questionnaires and open-ended discussion with Gallery and Goldsmiths staff.

Participation in this event is voluntary and will be compensated with a café voucher.

No need for tickets, just show up at the gallery, ask for the Room to Breathe experience, and we will fit you in.

a woman sat down looking at a painting wearing headphones and eye tracking glasses

*Please note, galleries 14 & 15 will be closed to the general public during this time.