What’s New?  Collecting for Manchester 

February 7, 2023  -  December 31, 2025

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What’s New?
Collecting for Manchester

This new display explores the different ways artworks enter the collection and showcases many new works which haven’t yet been on show. In our 200th anniversary year, we are reflecting on how the collection has been formed, how we can best use it and how it might grow in the future.

Our collection development policy outlines our current collecting priorities and is regularly updated. These are:

  • to collect artwork which relates to Manchester or our existing collections
  • to focus on artists under-represented in our collection including women, LGBTQIA+ and Black and Asian artists.

The display explores how the gallery works with patrons, collectors, artists and their estates and funding bodies to build the city’s collection of art. We benefit from the generosity of gifts and bequests to the collection. When we purchase artworks, we don’t use public money but raise funding through the Friends and Patrons of Manchester Art Gallery, trusts and foundations like the Art Fund. We also take part in specific acquisition schemes with the Contemporary Art Society and the Manchester Contemporary Art Fund. We also once mounted a crowdfunding campaign.

The collection is formed through a mixture of intention and opportunity and we want to make the collecting process, something which has happened behind closed doors, more transparent.


Adolphe Valette Self Portrait

Marie-Louise von Motesiczky The Undertaker

Philippe Starck – Eurl UBIK Flos Superarchimoon light 

Boris Nzebo Miss Monter-Descendre 

James Durden Winifred, Nancy And Eric, Children Of Mrs James Brown

Edward Allington One Unforgiving Minute

Liam Spencer Cakebread Street (after the Sunshine)

Linda Stein Profile Solid 383.078 

Linda Stein Case 872, Case 873, Case 863, Case 874

Nahem Shoa Head of Desmond Haughton

Louise Giovanelli Marker V

Joana Vasconcelos Bestie

Emily Allchurch Albert Square, Manchester (After Valette)

Arthur Hughes Beauty and the Beast 

Nina Chua Marker 213 

Adeela Suleman After All Its Always Somebody Else That Dies

Matthew Darbyshire CAPTCHA No. 41 – Dyson 

Dean Hughes Curly gumstrip/ straight gumstrip/

Mariele Neudecker postcard

Nicolaes Berchem The Goatherd 

Simon Bayliss Jar (Dandelions, after DH Lawrence)

Jamie Holman Sea Fruit 

Douglas Gordon List of Names (1992 edition)

George Melly The pataphysical possibility of life in the mind of someone dead

Hetain Patel To Dance Like Your Dad, 2009

Rut Blees Luxemburg The Kiss

Anya Gallaccio photographic print 

William Mackrell The back of someones head (Flight FR2966)

Gavin Turk untitled 

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