Charles I (1600-1649) (Alternative Title: Equestrian Portrait of Charles I)

Anthony van Dyck (after), 1599 - 1641

Charles I (1600-1649) (Alternative Title: Equestrian Portrait of Charles I)

Anthony van Dyck (after) 1599 - 1641


This is a reduced copy, probably 18th century, after a well-known painting by Van Dyck in the Royal Collection, Charles I (1600-1649) with M. de St Antoine, signed and dated 1633 (inv. no. RCIN 405322). The king is shown entering triumphantly through a fine classical archway swathed in red drapery, beyond which can be seen a dramatic clouded sky. Pierre Antoine Bourdin, Seigneur de St Antoine, the King's equerry, stands on the right with the king's riding helmet, looking up devotedly at his master. St Antoine had been sent to London in 1603 by Henri IV with a gift of six horses for James I and stayed to become equerry to Henry, Prince of Wales. He remained in the king's service after Henry's death, becoming equerry to his second son Charles. To the left of the arch is a shield with the royal coat of arms, topped by the royal crown. According to Royal Treasures: A Golden Jubilee Celebration, London, 2002, Van Dyck's equestrian portrait displayed Charles I ‘on an unprecedented scale, as ruler, warrior and knight, in the long tradition of antique and Renaissance equestrian monuments. The prominent display of the crowned royal arms and the triumphal arch framing the armed King reinforce his image as ruler of Great Britain, while the King's refined features, loose hair and the sash of the Order of the Garter worn over his armour convey the impression of a chivalrous knight.'

Object Name

Charles I (1600-1649) (Alternative Title: Equestrian Portrait of Charles I)

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Anthony van Dyck (after)


unframed: 157.9cm x 128.2cm
framed: 178.6cm x 148cm

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oil paint


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