Photography and Filming Policy

Image, Photography and Filming Policy

Manchester Art Gallery has inspired artists and designers for 200 years. We want our collections to continue to spark joy and imagination and we welcome everyone’s creativity through sketching, photographing, filming and research. 

Manchester Art Gallery respects the intellectual property rights of creators and it does expect the same from you.

Help us manage, preserve and access permanent collections, temporary exhibitions and loans legally and safely, following some guidance on how to photograph, film, scan or sketch the collections legally for non-commercial purposes.* 

Filming and photography

We want you to enjoy your visit, so we ask you to respect these terms when you visit the Gallery and behind the scenes.

Visitors are allowed to take photographs and videos at Manchester Art Gallery for personal non-commercial use only, using hand-held cameras and phones. However, there are some exceptions and photography and filming may not be permitted in all our spaces for copyright reasons. Please check our signage.

  • Tripods, monopods and flash lighting are always prohibited.
  • Please do not touch objects, plinths or cases while taking photographs or filming.

When taking photographs or filming in our galleries, you may be approached by our front-of-house staff and asked about the purposes of your photography or filming. Manchester Art Gallery reserves the right to request you stop your activities if they are found to be in breach of its terms and conditions. Please do get in touch with our marketing department if you have any questions.

How can you help to make Manchester Art Gallery a creative and safe space?

Whenever you take photographs or make films, scans or sketches:

  • Respect the privacy of those around you (including Manchester Art Gallery staff). Please do not take photographs of or film staff or other visitors without prior permission.
  • Please show consideration for the privacy and experience of other visitors when taking photographs or filming.
  • Do not touch, mark or damage the objects on display.
  • Only photograph or film your own children (and that includes school groups).
  • Credit the copyright holder for any in-copyright works featured.
  • Do not use easels, camera stands, tripods, monopods or external flashes, lighting or microphones.
  • In case photography, filming or sketching is prohibited within an exhibition or specific parts of the gallery you will be asked to respect those conditions of access.

Social media

We encourage you to share the experience of your visit by publishing images on social media platforms. If you do share images and film online we would appreciate it if you mention or tag us.

We want our digital spaces to be safe, welcoming and open to all. To ensure that everyone has a positive experience, here are a few house rules that apply to all of Manchester Art Gallery’s online channels.

Press Photography and Filming

We allow filming and photography for press coverage of the gallery and temporary exhibitions. We usually organise a press view for new exhibitions. Please make sure that all filming and photography is pre-arranged with Cath Ryan

Student filming

Where we can we try and accommodate filming and photography requests for educational use, although we do not always have the capacity. Please contact Cath Ryan with your request. Once we receive your request we will ask you more about your photo shoot, purpose, timing and logistics.

Commercial Photography and Filming

For any commercial use (including a public broadcast or streaming), you can contact Cath Ryan, who will be happy to help.

*Non-commercial means use that is not intended for or directed towards commercial advantage or private monetary compensation.


Manchester Art Gallery – Filming – Photography Request Form

Thank you for your request to film and/or photograph at Manchester Art Gallery.
Please provide the information and answer all questions that are relevant to your request.
Due to the volume of filming and photo shoot requests, approximately one week is needed to process each request.
News coverage that focuses on Manchester Art Gallery and its collection is given priority.

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DD slash MM slash YYYY
Manchester Art Gallery does not allow the use of tracks, dollies or boom mics in the galleries. Approval to use this equipment in other areas must be agreed in advance.