Manchester Art Gallery

But is it art?

How do you feel about contemporary art? Join guides John and Rebecca as they discuss and debate contemporary works of art, starting with Manchester’s recently acquired Duchamp’s Ring

Manchester Art Gallery
Wednesday 16 August 2017, 2pm–3pm


Have you ever felt angry about contemporary art? Or do you always feel the urge to defend it? 2017 witnesses the centenary of Duchamp’s Fountain – probably the most controversial intervention that the art world has ever seen. Gallery guides John Ward and Rebecca Eastment will be presenting an insightful, yet irreverent tour that will begin with Manchester’s very own and recently acquired Duchamp’s Ring. Join them as they debate, bicker and argue their way round all those other opinion dividing works that we have.

All are welcome. And just as importantly, all views are welcome.

This tour will be repeated on Saturday 16 September at 12pm.