Manchester Art Gallery

Black on Black

An exhibition highlighting the work of 17 contemporary jewellery artists from 10 countries.

Manchester Art Gallery
Saturday 20 June 2015–Saturday 31 October 2015

An exhibition by 17 jewellery artists from 10 countries curated by Jo Bloxham.

I have always loved black jewellery. From bold antique accessories to dramatic contemporary pieces, black jewellery gives off a powerful message. At times it has been a dark and sombre communication, expressed by the 19th century jet mourning jewellery and Berlin Ironwork on display from Manchester Art Gallery’s costume collection.

These poignant black treasures were popular fashion statements up until the end of the 1800s.

Today, jewellery artists continue to be inspired by the colour black. This exhibition highlights the work of 17 contemporary jewellery artists from 10 countries. They have each worked with the colour black, using unconventional materials and a variety of different techniques, to express present day concerns and emotions.

By sharing my passion for black jewellery, I hope you will come to love it too.

Jo Bloxham, curator of Black on Black.


Jivan Astfalck, Karen Bartlett, Alexander Blank, Stephen Bottomley, Georg Dobler, Patricia Domingues, Melanie Isverding, Karin Johansson, Julia Maria Künnap, Florian Ladstaetter, Lore Langendries, Jorge Manilla, José Antonio Moralejo, Karin Seufert, Tore Svensson.


Art Jewellery Forum, Black on Black: These Dark Materials, 10 July 2015.


Jorge Manilla, Black Love, 2014
Photo © Mike Holmes.