Manchester Art Gallery

Pae White: in no particular order

The first solo exhibition in the UK by California-based artist Pae White.

Manchester Art Gallery
Saturday 1 July 2006–Sunday 3 September 2006


For in no particular order, cascading waterfalls of multi-coloured paper, delicate wire bird cages suspended above pools of coloured light and 21st century tapestries created a stunning visual experience in the gallery.

The exhibition featured three of White’s paper mobile sculptures; cascading from hundreds of nylon threads, brightly coloured shapes such as ovals, diamonds and hexagons, cut from silk-screened paper, perceptually flicker and tantalise the viewer. Also on display was an installation of the artist’s intricately designed bird cages which delicately hung amidst the reflecting light pools of a perspex sculpture. Three extraordinary large-scale tapestries featured scanned images of crumpled tin foil.

The exhibition also featured a selection of White’s drawings, posters and a display of collaborative artist’s books.