Manchester Art Gallery

South Asian Design

Exploring how South Asian traditional crafts are inspiring exciting contemporary art, design and fashion.

Manchester Art Gallery
Friday 19 May 2017–Sunday 10 June 2018


The South Asian countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are famous for their vibrant regional costumes, luxurious textiles and intricately detailed ceramic, stone or metal ornaments. Colour and surface pattern are used with intensity and passion in designs inspired by subjects ranging from spirituality to food and from current affairs to kitsch.

This exhibition, spanning the last three centuries, gives a taste of designs and techniques from this incredibly creative, resourceful and culturally diverse part of the world. Historic ceramics, textiles and metalwork from Manchester City Galleries’ historic collections have been specially conserved for display in this exhibition.

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The exhibition also explores how the region’s traditional crafts are inspiring contemporary art, design and fashion. Highlights include art by Adeela Suleman, fashion by Tarun Tahiliani and Manish Arora and product design by Cobalt Designs, Rubberband and Tiipoi. The gallery has also commissioned Halima Cassell to create a stunning new sculpture hand carved in terracotta, South Asia’s most iconic ceramic ware.

Rubberband The Table That Almost Wasn’t

Exhibition paint kindly supplied by Farrow&Ball

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