Manchester Art Gallery

The Edwardians

Glamour, rural nostalgia, evocative landscape and the city

Manchester Art Gallery
Saturday 16 July 2016–Sunday 31 December 2017


Please note: During May we’ll be upgrading the lighting system across our gallery spaces which will mean some unavoidable closures. From 22 – 26 May, gallery 12, The Edwardians, will be closed. Work may completed earlier, and if so we’ll update this notice.

Curated as a complementary display to Vogue 100 and Fashion & Freedom and drawn from Manchester Art Gallery’s own collection, The Edwardians illustrates the glamour, rural nostalgia, evocative landscape and the city of the 1900s. Works that have not been displayed for decade will illustrate the Edwardian era as a sparking point between the Victorian and the Modern periods.