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Volunteer voices

My name is Daisy Strang and I am currently studying my MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies with hope to seek out a career in the gallery setting. I’m particularly interested in education, interpretation and exhibitions within the gallery. I am also a practicing illustrator and I currently am developing my giftware range, yet also working on reportage projects from a new client and have also just ran a workshop with Rose Miller for June’s Family weekend! I began my MA following a number of voluntary workshops at the Manchester Art Gallery in which I realised how much I love being part of the gallery and engaging with visitors through diverse and exciting workshops.

I began volunteering with Manchester Art Gallery in December 2014 in which I decided to come along to Making conversationwith Naomi Kendrick to experience what is happening at the Gallery. I’d seen plenty about what was going on but not had first hand experience. I had such a great time at the sessions and felt that we all, both gallery visitors, volunteers and museum staff, benefitted from engaging in the workshop. I left feeling relaxed and chuffed to have met a group of new people whilst engaging in the gallery’s collection and collaborating creatively in response to artworks we discussed.

My role now at the gallery is mostly involved with Open doors, although I also have involvement in other family learning programmes. I have been volunteering at Open doors since around September of last year (I think). For those of you that don’t know, Open Doors is aimed at families with children who are on the autistic spectrum or other social communication issues. We interact with exhibitions in a reflective, multi-sensory workshop that runs prior to usual gallery opening times. I particularly enjoy Open doors as it is hugely playful, so great to have an empty gallery and we are able to really take our time with the old and new participants throughout the workshop in order to allow them to have an enjoyable and relaxing experience. I love how we have the same families returning to the workshops and how at home the children feel when in the Clore. It’s a truly special workshop.

Volunteering at Manchester Art Gallery has shown me that there is much more going on in the art gallery than first meets the eye. To me, the gallery plays a crucial role in our community enabling all to engage with artworks, exhibitions and programmes through truly unique, imaginative and interesting programmes. My favourite space is the modern Japanese design exhibition space! I love the high ceilings and the exhibition itself.

Daisy Strang, Adult and Family learning volunteer.



If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer visit our website and fill in the form. We’ll get into touch when the next opportunity comes up.