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Lydia Becker

Susan Isabel Dacre, 1844 - 1933

Lydia Becker

Susan Isabel Dacre 1844 - 1933


Three quarter, right side, portrait of a middle-aged woman, in black dress with white frilled collar and dark choker. Her dress is decorated with a corsage of red roses. She wears glasses and has her hair platted and secured at the back of her head. She is looking directly at the viewer. There is a neutral background. The sitter is Lydia Becker (1827-1890), a leading campaigner in the women's suffrage movement.

Display Label

Attitude. There is more to Manchester than shopping, bars and clubs. Manchester is the city of radical thinkers, mavericks and trendsetters. It's the people that give this city its edge. They have always fought for their rights: challenging, resisting, contesting, insisting. Peterloo did not crush this spirit and the Suffragette struggles were fuelled by it. Manchester attitude, the swagger on the street, infects the cultural landscape. It inspires designers, artists, musicians, writers to harness and express the tangible pulse that surges through the city.

Object Name

Lydia Becker

Creators Name

Susan Isabel Dacre

Date Created

probably 1885 - 1890


Canvas: 66.5cm x 52.3cm
Frame: 84cm x 70cm

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Collection Group

fine art

Place of creation





oil paint

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