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10 More novel ways to spend lockdown

Patrick Kelleher from our Visitor Services Team shares his recommendations for lockdown reads.

Well, here we are again; another year, another lockdown and that means the gallery is still closed to the public. In the meantime, we’re here with another selection of novels about artists, or with art-based themes, that might help fill that gallery-shaped void in your life. So, if you were given books tokens for Christmas (you lucky people), prepare to redeem them now!

With all non-essential shops closed (I know, how are bookshops non-essential?) you can pick them up at your favourite online shopping mega corporation, or, if you prefer, you can find most of them on Hive, a network of local booksellers.


Check out all of Patrick’s recommendations on the Magnet blog.

The Masterpiece. © Oxford University Press

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