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Donors help us continue to grow our collection

We are pleased to welcome a new group of donors who have helped us to acquire works for the collection from the Manchester Contemporary 2018.

A gift to the city from The Manchester Contemporary Art Fund.

The Manchester Contemporary, the only UK invitational art fair for critically engaged contemporary art outside London, today announced artists William Mackrell and Emma Price as the first to benefit from its newly-launched The Manchester Contemporary Art Fund.

Created by a set of local business people passionate about their city and its cultural heritage, The Manchester Contemporary Art Fund seeks to support rising artists, providing them with a platform through which to achieve critical acclaim and greater popularity.

William Mackrell, represented by The RYDER, and Emma Price, represented by Two Queens, were selected from over 150 artists by Fund founders and the curatorial team of Manchester Art Gallery following an exhaustive panel discussion. William’s piece – Aquarius, and Emma’s pieces – Mike I and Mike II, are to be displayed in the gallery.

Continue reading at The Manchester Contemporary.

5 responses to “Donors help us continue to grow our collection”

  1. Steve hague says:

    At some point can we expect these artworks to go the way of the Waterhouse and be censored?

  2. Paul Williams says:

    Why would I give anything to this gallery that is more interested in political posturing than in art. Who knows what might happen to any donated art work that does not meet the PC agenda of its management.

  3. Picture This says:

    I am still reviewing my options as to whether to ever support this gallery again. A full explanation of the past week’s events should be forthcoming, along with an apology and acknowledgement of accountability.
    And an apology is only genuine if the underlying behaviors cease.

  4. Andrew Maynard says:

    Been all over your website and cannot find where an ordinary member of the public can make a small donation. Presumably you are not interested in such money

    • Martin Grimes says:

      Hi Andrew, thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry that you were unable to find a way to donate to us and that your generosity has been thwarted – that’s definitely not our intention. We have in the past had donation buttons on our website, but found them to be rarely if ever used. This was quite a few years ago, so it may be that things have changed enough for us to consider how we could enable donations online again. In the meantime though, we can take donations via cheques made out to Manchester Art Gallery Trust, or via credit debit cards over the phone, or, if you’re visiting, via one of our donation boxes. Thanks again for your feedback.

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