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Make space – new Thursday late session for adults

For some time now we’ve been talking about setting up a creative space in the city where artists, makers, and creatives get together and play with ideas and materials. We’ve imagined a space without hierarchy where beginners work alongside professionals, where practices are shared and participants are immersed in the flow of making and creating.

One technique, one idea or one material

The first Thursday of every month now sees this happen at Manchester Art Gallery. From 6-8pm a group of us come together to explore one technique, one idea or one material for as little or as long as we like. We’ve invited an artist to devise a set of three sessions linked to a small area of their own practice and to our exhibitions. So artist Harriet Hall has been providing a starting point for makers in September, October and November linking her practice with An Exhibition for Modern Living by Matthew Darbyshire.

Connect with or reject objects

Harriet’s own work is about objects and interpretation, she’s interested in how people interpret the same thing in different ways, and how that information can be shared with a wider audience. Harriet’s been raiding her own childhood home for objects that she thinks will get people talking, questioning and re-arranging. Taking place right alongside Matthew Darbyshire’s sculptural object-infused spaces, participants will connect with or reject objects, curate their own combinations in black and white boxes, and photographically record and present these to a wider audience if they wish to.  You can see what’s been made so far on Harriet’s Interference Art Flickr page.

We hope participants will forge their own curatorial techniques, plough their personal histories, and dissect the reasoning surrounding their delight or disgust, loving or loathing, reverie or revolt in both familiar and unfamiliar items.

The first of Harriet’s three sessions took place in September, head up to the second floor exhibition on Thursdays 3 October and 5 November, 6-8pm, to join us.  We’ll be continuing with different artist on 7 January 2016.

Kate Day, Learning Manager: Lifelong Learning

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