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Big things are happening together.

Future Creatives

A Manchester Art Gallery and Manchester College collaboration – supporting young artists and designers, through a live brief, to explore and present fresh perspectives in their city. Inspiration events provide the students access to curators, artists, designers and Manchester’s vibrant creative landscape.

This programme has developed with a belief in the power of creativity and self-expression and understanding of the importance of giving young people the opportunity to take control, to form connections and make meaning. It forms an important part of student’s coursework submissions and applications for work or university.


Art Of Resilience  

Manchester Art Gallery and Manchester Population Health have teamed up with artist Sam Owen Hull to share expertise and develop a new model of activity that uses creativity and compassion to support the long term wellbeing of Manchester’s children. Art of Resilience is a six-week programme of workshops for small groups of pupils, where creatives share their practice and process to help build resilience and wellbeing.  

 The Art of Resilience aims to build resilience through creative practice and values the creative process over creative output. We believe creativity is inherent and universal and Art is a protective factor in supporting good mental health. Resilience is a skill to be developed and creativity can train the brain for real-life problem solving. 



The Gallery is an active member of MADE, which is a collaboration between culture and education organisations from across Manchester, including art galleries, museums, theaters, schools, colleges and many more. We run participation projects and create learning resources to join the dots between education and culture.

We want Manchester to become a beacon for creative education, where the arts add magic to life experiences and learning, for everyone. We want the city’s young people to be engaged, confident and excited about creativity.

Visit to find out more about the work and get inspiration for learning opportunities.


Cultural Digital Designer in Residence Project

CDDIR is led by the Comino Foundation, bringing industry relevant support to schools and teachers who are interested in fusing innovative digital design practice to the needs of the creative curriculum in schools.

The Gallery has been involved with this programme for the last three years. We work alongside experts in digital design from Manchester Metropolitan University’s Masters Design Programme to help school groups access the Gallery’s collections and present their insights in inventive ways.

Abraham Moss Community School 2020

St Ambrose Barlow RC High School 2019

Falinge Park High School 2018