Our artist led 1.5 hours workshops are free for Manchester Schools.

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Meet the Artist 

Perfectly Imperfect

There is no such thing as perfect. By celebrating the imperfections around us and focusing on the process of making we can learn to allow our creativity to flow naturally. 


Kate Freeborough


Finding Balance

Straight or wiggly, light or dark, man-made or natural – join artist Sam Owen Hull as she looks for opposites in the gallery.  Find a balance for your contrasts as we journey through artworks old and new, making connections as we go. You’ll create an experimental artwork that reflects Sam’s creative process,


Object Dialogue Box 

See art from a different perspective and encourage your pupils to think critically using our Object Dialogue Box. 

 Artist Sam Owen inspires pupils to make connections between objects and artworks, stimulating conversation and debate before sculpting their own small hybrid objects to take away. 


Sam Owen Hull 


Storytelling the Curriculum

Through drama we can imagine the real, and explore our place in a world we have yet to experience. In this teacher CPD session with North West Drama’s Matt Wardle, we will weave artworks from the gallery’s collection with our own co-created narrative to discover how stories can act both as a mirror to ourselves and as a window to the world around us.

The session will demonstrate narrative led ‘drama for learning’ and provide opportunities for you to reflect on how this work might develop in your own classroom.



The Art of Noticing

How can we notice, not just with our eyes, but our whole bodies? Through physical play and movement exploration we will notice and learn more about the art around us. Sensation and imagination will inform our own creative expression as we work together to explore line, scale and tone.



Bodies: Movement and Stillness

We can use our bodies to understand what we see in the art gallery. Artworks are full of movement and stillness and so are we. Using our eyes, arms, legs and imaginations we will learn about artworks by finding out how to move or pose like them.

KS 1 – 4 & SEND

Nicola Dale


Ancient Greece 

Bring this powerful civilisation to life through storytelling and art in our Parthenon-inspired gallery building. You have the choice of four workshops – choose one for a half-day visit or two for a full day. 

The Battle of Troy

Interactive storytelling, artefacts, and art come together to give your pupils a front row seat to the 10-year Battle of Troy. Together, we learn how this epic tale impacted Ancient Greek life. 



Pandoras Box

Your pupils will explore the themes of justice and hope as we explore the myth of Pandora’s box. Using  our historical collection and active storytelling techniques. we bring the myth to life.


Build a Parthenon

Your pupils get the chance to work with an artist to build their own Parthenon to take back to school. A fantastic exercise in collaboration and creativity. 


Frieze framed

Using our Greek inspired building and artefacts your pupils will be supported to create a personal sketchbook. Our artist, will share techniques for looking, recording and creating to encourage your pupils to unleash their creative flair and combine history with art to produce something special.


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