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We can support your teaching with our fantastic resources – including the Art of looking and Creative Challenge to inspire your pupils to get creative at home or school

Sarah Parker Remond

Our associate artists Felicity Goodman and Venessa Scott have combined their skills to create a short animation about the inspiring Sarah Parker Remond. Remond was an American lecturer, activist and abolitionist campaigner, who came to speak to the cotton manufactures and workers of Manchester to highlight the use of slaves in the cotton plantations of America. She delivered one of her most inspiring speeches in the gallery’s athenaeum building in 1859. Her words have subsequently inspired generations of activists. 

CAUTION: The video features the use of a racist term in the context that it was used in the 1850s, which some viewers may find distressing. 


Image to Text

This interactive whiteboard resource uses Adolphe Valette’s Under Windsor Bridge to develop visual literacy by modeling a series of activities that help students make personal and creative connections with an artwork and produce written responses. It supports GCSE English and explores setting, character and narrative.

Find out more about our presentation tool and teachers’ notes.


Leonardo Da Vinci: Observing the body 

This resource explores aspects of the science and art curriculum at Lower KS2. It introduces activities and resources that demonstrate how drawing can inspire pupils to investigate parts of the human body and the scientific processes that occur within.


Creative Challenge

Our associate artists Sam Owen Hull and Venessa Scott have some challenges to inspire your pupils to get creative at home or school. Taking ideas and activities from their tours at the gallery, the artists recommend using household items to help explore materials, be playful and create art.

Inside / Outside 

Download Sam Owen Hulls creative challenge

Creative collage 

Watch Venessa Scotts creative challenge


Horsefall Collection

For to love beauty is to see it almost everywhere…’ T.C. Horsfall, The Study of Beauty, 1883.

Horsfall, philanthropist and founder of Manchester Art Museum, believed that art in the classroom made a difference, so he set up one of the first picture-loan schemes for schools. In 1894, the museum circulated two hundred collections to local schools.

This microsite introduces artworks from the collection and demonstrates how they can be used to develop connections and explore themes with your KS2 pupils.


Art of looking 

A 10 minute audio guide using mindfulness techniques to enable you to slow down, look at and engage with Van Dycks last self-portrait.

Produced by Manchester Art Gallery with Cathy Fortune, Charlestown Community Primary School, Creative Living Centre, and Start in Manchester.