(title unknown)

Francesco Bartolozzi, 21 Sep 1727 - 7 Mar 1815

(title unknown)

Francesco Bartolozzi 21 Sep 1727 - 7 Mar 1815


A group of figures is sitting round a table. A male figure wearing beard and a cloth headdress stands on the left holding a wind instrument. He is looking to the right. Beside him, a figure holds a lute with the left hand down the neck of the lute and the right hand over its strings. A young male figure on the right is looking down at a manuscript he is holding. Two female figures stand on the right with their mouths open. They are looking at a manuscript held by one of them. There is an open manuscript lying on the table in the foreground to the left.

Object Name

(title unknown)

Creators Name

Francesco Bartolozzi

Date Created

about 1790


print: 19.6cm x 30.3cm
plate: 21.9cm x 32cm
support: 32.9cm x 43cm

accession number





ink (brown)

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