The Repose

Francesco Bartolozzi, 21 Sep 1727 - 7 Mar 1815

The Repose

Francesco Bartolozzi 21 Sep 1727 - 7 Mar 1815


Figure group by a tree in the centre foreground with townscape to the right background. There are more figures in the middle ground to the right. A female figure, the Virgin Mary, is facing forward with baby Jesus on her lap and holding her left hand out to handle an object offered by a winged figue kneeling to the right. Another winged figure stands behind her facing forward with its hands clasped and looking down at the child. A donkey stands to the right with barrells strapped to its sides. A bearded male figure holding a stick is situated to the left of the group. There are two winged figures in the sky in the top left corner. They are looking down at the scene below. A pheasant sat on a tree branch above the group of figures.

Object Name

The Repose

Creators Name

Francesco Bartolozzi

Date Created



print: 25.5cm x 32.5cm
plate: 28.9cm x 34.6cm
support: 43.2cm x 53.8cm

accession number





ink (brown)

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