Manchester Art Gallery

Artist Tours

Storyteller Felicity Goodman and Visual artists Sam Owen Hull and Venessa Scott share some of their practice with your primary pupils.
These 1.5 hour tours encourage positive  behaviours for learning including collaboration, play, risk taking and resilience that support creativity and well-being.


Felicity Goodman
Come and fall down a rabbit hole with me into your imaginations – a whole world is waiting to be discovered. Using the artwork to explore place, we will work together to map a new world where stories can be spun. We will cross terrains as we conjure place names. Come to the edge of our creativity and take a brave leap in committing ideas to paper. We will accept, reflect and maybe even reject, as other ideas float to the surface. Let me show you how to whittle different landscapes into words and bring them together to create an island of your own.


Sam Owen Hull
Let me lead you though selected works in the gallery that inspire me.
My work uses colour, texture and line, looking for a space in between loose painterly marks and the precision of hand embroidery. Thinking about opposites, you’ll follow a thread that explores the contrasts in my work and makes connections across the centuries.   As we move through each space,we will  playfully and thoughtfully experiment and discuss.


Venessa Scott
Nature is wild and also precise; it is bold, expressive and colourful. Nature is a wonderful source of inspiration.  Join me as I mix media, build structures, apply texture and explore expressive marks before bringing them all together to produce a series of collaborative tactile artworks. Discover how to make brave creative choices and work together to create artwork that is organic, expressive and unique.


1.5 hours long
Cost:  £100 per workshop per class
If you would like to book, please get in touch:
0161 235 8842

Why not take advantage of our Kids for a Quid scheme with Metrolink where pupils travel for £1 return and accompanying adults for £2 return; we are directly across from the St Peter’s square Metrolink stop