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Manchester Cultural Education Partnership (MCEP)

Manchester Cultural Education Partnership is a collaboration between arts, education and youth organisations across the city working together to ensure all children and young people have the creative ability to flourish. 

MCEP launched in March 2020 and the gallery partnered with Engie Construction, Manchester Central Library, associate artists Sam Owen Hull and Venessa Scott and schools across Manchester to mark this. A week of cross curricular activity saw KS2 classes spend time at the Gallery and Library. Using the city’s collections they found out about Manchester’s buildings, communities and history, while Engie gave their sector insights to building, construction and project management. 

This was just one of a number of activities that took place across the city to demonstrate and celebrate creativity across the curriculum, captured in the film below.

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Cultural Digital Designer in Residence Project

The aim of this project is to bring industry relevant support to schools and teachers who are interested in developing collaborative projects which fuse innovative digital design practice to the needs of the creative curriculum in schools. Each class that takes part is also partnered with a cultural organisation in the region, such as a museum or gallery.

2020 Abraham Moss Community School

Year 9 students worked with artist Rebecca Burns  to explore human rights through Trading Stations .

This exhibition traces the history of how tea, coffee and hot chocolate arrived in the UK, revealing their global histories, connections to slavery and colonisation and contemporary ethical issues. Students used the exhibition to start conversations which led them to look at the local area around their school (Cheetham Hill). Documenting the area with cameras and looking at archives they discussed its community history and how they perceive it today. Their work was collected together and developed as a microsite.

Visit the Human rights and us micro site.

Students looking at an artwork

2019 St Ambrose Barlow RC High School.

Students worked with artist Tom Cockerman to explore issues around hunting and endangered animals. As a result of their work with Tom, the students produced a fantastic 3D printed chess set.

They explored chess sets found in the gallery’s art store, visited MMU’s Art School, visited Print City and had a talk with Steve Dixon (ceramicist and chess set maker. Each pupil designed one or more pieces for the opposing sets of black and white pieces; poachers, and endangered or hunted animals.

2018 Falinge Park High School
Falinge Park High were reading The City of Ember by Jeanne Du Prau, exploring other worlds and using our South Asia design exhibition they worked with digital art student Natalija Stolarova to create Stop, Motion, Animations using storyboards as well as making character models.

The Art of Looking – a partnership project with the National Portrait Gallery

A Manchester primary school and community mental health groups build emotional resilience by taking notice and approaching art mindfully.

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