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Greek’s Takeover

Manchester Art Gallery, Central Library & Archives+

Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester Central Library and Archives+ have teamed up to provide immersive learning experiences that unlock stories from Ancient Greece and the legacy of this powerful civilisation.

The Battle of Troy
Our Greek inspired building, artefacts and artworks portraying Gods and Goddesses will be used to transport you to the battle of Troy. Interactive storytelling unravels the key events of this epic tale and help uncover the enduring legacy of Ancient Greece.
Birth of Pandora
Using storytelling techniques we will lead you through our historical collection to explore justice and hope. As we bring this well loved myth to life you will discover if your pupils are curious enough to open the box.
Build a Parthenon
Working with an artist and responding to our building pupils will collaborate to create key patterns, columns and pelmets to produce a class Parthenon to take back to school.
Freeze framed
Pupils get to work with an artist to take inspiration from the galleries Greek artifacts and create their  very own sketchbook to take away with them.

Manchester Takeover

Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester Central Library, Archives+ are joining together and celebrating the launch of Manchester’s Cultural Education Partnership. We are running a programme of activity that explores Manchester both past and present. Classes can spend a day visiting the Gallery and Library and use the city’s collections to find out about Manchester’s buildings, communities and history.
There will be opportunities for KS2 classes to take part in two workshops from 10.15-14.00 each day, selecting from one of the themes below.

Manchester Art Gallery – Pupils will work with artist Sam Hull to explore paintings of Manchester created by Lowry and Valette to understand how the city has changed and stayed the same over the last 100 years. Thinking about the colours and shapes found in the artworks they will create their own acetate masterpieces in response to Manchester today.
Manchester Central Library – Are you up for the selfie then and now; challenge, capturing the pillars, archways and proticos using images from the past? We will be taking a look at Central Library, the building, exploring the history behind the most visited library in the UK.

Manchester Art Gallery – Classes will collaborate to plan and build structures that will grow over the week. Artist Venessa Scott will work with pupils to fill the buildings with communities that reflect the population of Manchester today.
Manchester Central Library – The past 50 years – A look at where we live and who may have lived there in the past.

Writer’s Takeover

Manchester Art Gallery and Manchester Central Library are teaming up again to host a celebration of writers and writing. Librarians, storytellers and writers will be taking over Gallery and Library spaces and using art and books to unlock imaginations. Pupils will have the opportunity to develop characters, create settings and form narratives in these immersive days.

Traditional Tales – Lower KS2
Storyteller Felicity Goodman will use the library’s special collection of Traditional Tales to explore classic stories and uncover secrets within them. With this insight and inspiration your pupils will move to the Gallery and use characters found in the Artworks to develop their own stories.

Image to Text – KS2
This workshop supplies ways of looking and responding to one image. Carole Page will help your students make personal connections and share ideas. Students will use these insights to create crafted pieces of writing

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Save money on travel
Why not take advantage of our Kids for a Quid scheme with Metrolink where pupils travel for £1 return and accompanying adults for £2 return; we are directly across from the St Peter’s square Metrolink stop.