Portrait of John Henry Reynolds

Adolphe Valette, 1876 - 1942

Portrait of John Henry Reynolds

Adolphe Valette 1876 - 1942


Half-length portrait of an elderly man seen seated in profile to the left with his head turned in three-quarter view. He is depicted with white hair and a beard, wearing small spectacles with thin gold frames and gazing into the left distance; he is smartly dressed in a black jacket and tie, worn with a white shirt and grey trousers. His hands are clasped and rest on his crossed legs as he leans back into the polished, wooden-framed chair. Placed beside the sitter, to his right, is a small table on which sits a glass vase containing white and red roses. The background colour is a lilac-grey.

Display Label

Portrait of J.H. Reynolds 1919 Adolphe Valette 1876-1942 Oil on linen and jute This painting is of John Henry Reynolds (1842-1927), Director of the Manchester School of Art and the first Principal of the College of Technology. He was also a personal friend of the artist. Valette's quiet, sensitive portrait, the familiarity of which is relieved by a vase of flowers, conveys the gentle character of the man. Gift of the son and daughters of the sitter 1927.51

Object Name

Portrait of John Henry Reynolds

Creators Name

Adolphe Valette

Date Created



Canvas: 81.7cm x 56.2cm

accession number


Place of creation





Oil paint


Presented by the son and daughters of John Henry Reynolds


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